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The better 'White Gold'

PALLADIUM a Metal of the PLATINUM Group

Last website update: December 2016

Owning a piece of Jewellery made of Palladium 950 makes so much Sense!

Imagine you are wearing your fully customised, bespoke 'Dream Ring'

PALLADIUM is a precious metal that belongs to the Platinum group.

 It has a much higher purity than White-gold ( 950 parts of 1000 instead of 750 parts of 1000 )

Palladium never ever needs to be Rhodium Plated...

Palladium 950 has its own Hallmark that legally identifies it as a precious metal:   PD950   


Palladium offers some clear benefits:

It is hypoallergenic, strong, malleable, very pure and at the same time has a low specific weight.

The specific weight of Palladium is only slightly heavier than Sterling Silver.

In terms of gram price, it is pretty much the same as 14 kt Gold... but a much better metal!

Call your personal Palladium manufacturer, Eckart Schillings on: 0423 709 799 

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                                                                                                      Strict Quality Control   

 'German precision engineering in Australia'

In terms of its "Looks" , Palladium is very white, similar to Platinum, even whiter!

Palladium has been used in precious Jewelry since 1939

Sometimes we get some older Rings in for repairs, usually they consist of a yellow Gold band with a Palladium Setting, holding single Diamonds or a number of individual Diamonds.The reason for choosing Palladium for the settings is obvious...a very nice white colour combined with hardness, resistance to acids and corrosion in general make it a very good choice of metal.When working with those older Ring, dating back to the 1940's it is amazing how well the Palladium holds up to wear.

Not every manufacturing Jeweller / Goldsmith is familiar with Palladium or Platinum manufacture.

Most Jewellers stay away from those metals because of their challenging working qualities, like the high melting points and the generally much harder working processes.

You also need different equipment when working Platinum or Palladium.


Only a few manufacturers specialise in working Platinum and Palladium.

 One of those more 'exclusive' manufacturing Platinum-Palladiumsmith's

is Eckart Schillings in Queensland.

He designed and manufactured his first Palladium Jewelry Collection in Europe in 1989


Eckart creates Palladium Jewellery Designs for private Clients because: Palladium is the "Better White Gold"

If you consider a piece of Jewellery made up in white Gold, think about the alternative:     PALLADIUM 

It will last longer, is much purer, never needs Rhodium plating. Palladium has an truly awesome deep white, high polished shine.

Contact your Palladium-smith, Eckart Schillings here to see how your white Jewellery shines better in Palladium.

Visit the Workshop at 255 David Low Way, Peregian Beach, Qld 4573, AUSTRALIA by appointment.

Call Eckart on: 0423 709 799 

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